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What is Muscle Sculpting?

If you have been going to the gym and eating well to build your muscles but still aren't making the progress you want, Clique Salon and Med Spa may have the solution for you with muscle sculpting using truSculpt® flex. With noninvasive multi-dimensional stimulation (MDS) technology, truSculpt flex works by causing the muscles in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks to contract, which strengthens, tones, and firms them. This body contouring procedure can be personalized based on your unique fitness goals and may produce results you aren't able to attain by working out alone. To learn more about muscle sculpting, call our Lakeland, FL practice to schedule a consultation with our team.

What to Expect from Muscle Sculpting

The truSculpt® flex uses electrical muscle stimulation to contract the muscles in your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, effectively imitating the results that would come from an intense strength training regimen. Muscle sculpting treatments with truSculpt flex take about 45 minutes to complete with at least four treatments recommended that will be scheduled two days apart. Due to the noninvasive method of this treatment, there is no downtime so you are welcome to resume your daily activities after you leave our office. You may experience some muscle soreness for the first 24 – 72 hours, but that should go away on its own.

Clique is AMAZING! I've tried an assortment of services there and have been very satisfied with each; haircut, facial, and the Trusculpt Flex muscle stimulating device. The ambiance is very inviting with state of the art equipment and top shelf cleanliness. The owner and staff are knowledgeable, kind & friendly. The prices are affordable and fair. And there are great free perks with their customer reward system. This place has given me a positive and well liked experience. I highly recommend Clique and think you should consider them for your next self-care activity. I think you''ll be very happy! : )

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Chisel Those Muscles

Muscle sculpting with truSculpt flex can strengthen and tone your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks to help give you the physique you desire. You no longer have to spend long hours at the gym to attain the chiseled look you've been working toward. Contact Clique Salon and Med Spa in Lakeland, FL to learn more about muscle sculpting or to schedule a consultation with a member of our team.

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How many truSculpt Flex treatments are needed to see results?

The number of truSculpt Flex treatments needed to see results may vary depending on individual goals and the initial condition of the muscles. Most patients typically undergo a series of treatments spaced a few days to a week apart to achieve optimal results. A customized treatment plan can be developed during your consultation with our team at Clique Salon and Med Spa.

Is truSculpt Flex painful?

truSculpt Flex is generally well-tolerated by patients and is not considered painful. During treatment, patients may experience sensations of muscle contractions and tingling in the treated area, but discomfort is minimal. The intensity of the muscle contractions can be adjusted to ensure a comfortable treatment experience.

What is the downtime after a truSculpt Flex treatment?

One of the significant advantages of truSculpt Flex is that there is minimal to no downtime after treatment. Patients in Lakeland, FL can resume their regular activities immediately following the procedure, including exercise and work. Some individuals may experience mild muscle soreness similar to that of an intense workout, but this typically resolves within a few days.

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