How to Care for Your Skin After SkinPen® Microneedling Treatment

By: Our Team


Microneedling continues to be one of the most sought-after skin treatments available today, with thousands of patients each month turning to this exciting technology to transform their complexions and boost their confidence. At Clique Salon and Med Spa in Lakeland, FL, we perform microneedling using the advanced SkinPen® system for optimal results and an elevated experience overall. If you're like many people considering microneedling to reduce pores, smooth out wrinkles, or firm up lax skin, you may have questions about when you'll be able to go back to work, how your skin will look right after treatment, and how you should care for your skin while healing from microneedling.

Fortunately, most patients find microneedling recovery to be fairly rapid and mild, though there are some important aftercare tips to keep in mind — like protecting your skin from the sun and avoiding harsh products. Here, you'll find additional information about SkinPen microneedling aftercare guidelines, a timeline for microneedling recovery, and answers to more microneedling FAQs.

How will my face look right after microneedling?

For the first 24 hours after a SkinPen microneedling session, your skin may appear red and feel warm, similar to a mild sunburn. This is normal and typically subsides within about a day. During this initial phase, it's crucial to follow these steps:

  • Avoid touching your face
  • Do not apply makeup
  • Use gentle, fragrance-free products and a soothing, hydrating moisturizer
  • Stay hydrated and protected from the sun

What will my skin look like a few days after microneedling?

As your skin begins to heal, you might notice some redness and mild swelling. It's important to continue with gentle skin care practices in the first 2 – 3 days after microneedling with SkinPen, such as:

  • Continue gentle cleansing and the use of gentle, fragrance-free products
  • Keep the skin hydrated and soothed
  • Avoid sun exposure

What should I do during the first week after microneedling?

During the first week after a SkinPen treatment, your skin will go through a renewal process. You may experience some flaking or peeling, which is a sign that your skin is healing and generating new cells. As your skin heals following microneedling, use these skin care tips:

  • Do not exfoliate or use harsh scrubs
  • Avoid products with certain ingredients, such as alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), and vitamin C, until your provider gives you the green light
  • Keep hydrating and avoid the sun

How can I keep my skin nice after microneedling?

To maintain the benefits of your SkinPen microneedling treatment for as long as possible, adopt a consistent skin care routine that includes:

  • Daily sunscreen
  • Hydration
  • Balanced diet
  • Follow-up treatments (maintenance microneedling)

By following these aftercare guidelines and giving your skin the gentle, supportive care it needs, you can enjoy the full benefits of your SkinPen microneedling treatment and maintain a radiant, youthful complexion for longer.

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